Many Marshalls Finds

If there is one thing I love about shopping, it’s a good FIND.  Honestly, I think that is half the fun.

I’ve learned to be incredibly thrifty. If there is a sale, I’m all over it. I’m a huge proponent for saving money. With that being said, I hate feeling like I have to compromise quality for price. At Marshalls, that is not the case!

My most successful finds have taken place at Marshalls.

Marshalls houses brand name and designer fashions priced 20-60% than department and specialty stores. It’s the perfect place for a college student on a budget or anyone looking to save an extra dollar.

I have found countless ensembles at Marshalls that I absolutely adore. Below are just six of my many Marshalls finds.

My most recent find was a Naked Zebra cream colored slip dress with an open back. I paid $12 dollars for a dress that originally would have cost close to $60 dollars.


These are just a few of my fabulous finds. I’ve also found designer sweaters from Jean-Pierre and jeans from Hollister at half the price.

If you’re interested in finding quality styles at low prices, shop a  Marshalls location near you.



11 thoughts on “Many Marshalls Finds

  1. Love that slip dress! Marshalls is one of my favorite stores! You can’t beat the boutique styles for a fraction of the boutique cost! 💓

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