Monday in Millennium Park

Chicago is home to one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Midwest. Millennium Park was created to celebrate the beginning of the second millennium. The urban park is full of must see exhibits, architecture, and gardens.

I spent Monday with my mama exploring all that Millennium Park has to offer.


I documented some of my favorite spots below.  My absolute favorite being Cloud Gate.

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is a perfect picture spot and a great place to take in the magnificent architecture that the city of Chicago has to offer.

Lurie Garden


With the fragrant flowers and breathtaking city views, the Lurie Garden is perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Wrigley Square

The fabulous fountain, live music, park benches, and view of Michigan Avenue makes Wrigley Square an oasis in the city.

The Crown Fountain


The Crown Fountain is a neat spot for kids to play in the water that flows from the video sculpture.

If your looking for a fun spot to kick the Monday blues, Millennium Park is it. Don’t let the name fool you, Millennium Park is not just for Millennials. It is a great place for all to visit.

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